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Revenue Cycle Analytics

Our financial reporting gives you the insight you need to address the root causes of charge issues, resolve process inefficiencies, improve coding compliance, and ensure the integrity of all claims. 

We can easily help you review performance and trends, drill down into the data to analyze root cause by reason, evaluate payer performance, and the financial impact of claim denials.

We will customize your reports to best illustrate the information that makes tracking your bottom line easy for you.

  • Charge & Revenue Analysis – evaluate financial ratios versus benchmarks

  • Coding Analysis – identify potential under, over and incorrect coding scenarios

  • Procedure Analysis – analyze top CPT codes for cost benefit analysis

  • Payer Reimbursement Analysis – assess which payers are consistently slowing down payments through unnecessary denials 

  • Provider Collections per Work Relative Value Unit Analysis – evaluate revenue and wRVU’s

  • AR Aging Analysis – velocity of payments per payer and CPT respectively

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