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Why Choose IPS?


With the growing complexities of payer requirements and mandates, protecting your practice from lost revenue requires proactive management.  IPS has an experienced and knowledgable team that can help PM&R physicians capture the money they have earned.


Revenue Cycle Analytics are provided to keep your collection ratios per RVU in align with your practice goals. We can help you identify areas of potential revenue and offer solutions to increase your bottomline.


Provider credentialing could be costing you thousands of dollars in unrealized revenue. One of the largest insurance companies, servicing Texas patients, has over 65 different plans.  Initial credentialing only includes 2 plans and any additional plans require a specific request after the initial credentialing. Our team are experts with initial credentialing, as well as individual plan requirements.


IPS is serious about your bottom line. We live our values of knowledge, efficiency, and reliability to create a solution to help with your financial health and the ability to remain an independent physician.

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